Stimming toys for autistic children

Stimming is one of the most visible symptoms of autism, some children flap their hands, others rock, pace, flick their fingers, tap pencils, use fidget spinners, press switches, bite their nails or tongue, suck their fingers or twirl their hair. Their are some great toys to assist with fidgeting or stimming.

Construction toys for autistic children

Construction toys are great for lining up, stacking, connecting, building dolls houses, cars fortresses or just about anything a child’s imagination can dream up. The great thing about most construction toys is that their abstract design appeals both to the role-players who want to build a dream home for their dollies and to the future […]

Toys for autistic children

It can be frustrating finding toys for an autistic child until you figure out what engages them, what may seem amazing to a neurotypical kid will be utterly dull or pointless to a neurodiverse kid and vice versa. One of the signs that added to my suspicion that my daughter was autist was that my […]

The cure for autism

As a mum to an autistic child, I have found some great communities online and found some great information; unfortunately, I have also seen the dark side of autism on the web. There are many claimed medical cures for autism; some are dangerous all are bogus. The only purpose these cures serve is to distract […]

What causes autism

Nobody really knows what cause autism; it may be a mix of genetic and/or environmental factors. Autism often runs or clusters in some families or generations of families, but it can also appear out of nowhere. It’s common for identical twins to both be autistic but not always so. There are variants of genes that […]

Morning routines

I have seen many people ask for advice about getting their neurodiverse children out of the house in the morning or complaining about how they can never get to places on time. I have a young girl on the autism spectrum and have never found mornings to be particularly difficult. I suspect it is because […]

Autism, autonomy and privacy

Imagine meeting someone, you really like, getting up the courage to ask them out and them saying yes, only to later be rejected for no apparent reason. Imagine applying for jobs and never hearing anything despite having a good CV that you’ve worked really hard on. Or imagine, walking through the playground at school and […]